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What Type of Horse for Tall Rider?

Karen Casemier
I am posting as a guest, so please either send replies directly to my
e-mail or cc: me on the responses.

We are in the process of looking for a horse for my very tall husband
(6'4" - all legs!). I am hoping to do some competitive trail rides this
summer, and he will probably want to join me. I've never done these rides
before, and I'm wondering what type of horse will work best for my husband
(I have a nice little Morgan mare). Most of the horses we've seen that
will be big enough for him are draft crosses - but I worry that a heavy
horse like that might not handle even the 25 mile rides very well.
Straight Thoroughbreds, however, tend to be all legs and not take up HIS

Would those of you with experience in CTR give some suggestions as to what
type of horse we should try to find? If I like CTR, I may also try some
limited distance endurance with my mare, but I doubt my husband will -
right now, he will probably just do a few 25 mile CTRs with me.

thanks in advance for your help!

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