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Re: Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

It have been a proven fact that horses carrying more weight are at a
disadvantage.  That is why flat track horses are 'handicapped' by weight.

Your horse will almost always perform better carrying less weight, even if
he were conditioned with weight.  It is a matter of simple physics.  It
takes energy to move weight.  More weight, more energy.

>Bonnie wrote:>If my husband conditioned my horse (he
> would be a HW) and then I rode the horse in competitions, would the horse
> perform better because he was carrying less weight than he was used to
> carrying?> Excuse me if this is a stupid question... but I keep wondering
if the HW team
> is really as disadvantaged as one would think.<

YES. YES. YES.  Without a doubt.

Laura Hayes

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