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Re: RC: national championship/qualifications

What I said is a lot kinder than what a lot of people have been 
saying.......what does rides disappearing have to do with NC 
qualifications?  Horses get in trouble because people don't know how to 
ride sensibly, probably because they are racing or don't have enough 
experience.  Better to just shuffle it out of the way and not discuss 
it.  Yeah, that's real brilliant.  Grow up Truman.  k

At 10:27 PM 2/6/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Let it go. You have managed to piss off half the US. This is not good for
>endurance riding. We have rides disappearing in the west, Camp Far West, we
>have other rides in jeopardy. We have too many horses getting in trouble 
>and we
>don't understand just why yet, and we are arguing overa bunch of crap like
>Life is too short and there are too trails going away. We don't have time for
>this crap.

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