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National Championships

carla lawson
The Daniel Boone Distance Riders are again sponsoring this event. Hey, I
am not affiliated with the club yet...however...if I ever can seem to quit
talking smack and actually get to participate I will associate myself with
several orgs. However, the only input I can say about this great Pizza
loving state of Kentucky when it comes to riding..come on out and have
some fun here. I want to go to help at NC but once again bizz as usual
seems to interfere! (thinking of becoming a chiropractor..mine takes every
other day off I think he is on a 38 hour schedule drives two nice vehicles
and has a nice house...mmmm I am in wrong bizz. But the weather here for
the Nationals is down right testing! Usually Hot and its not very
favorable for this is a few hundred miles from the actual
ride. But I hear that the woods cools down and makes for an awesome ride.
I hoped to volunteer last year but once But as The Good Lord
above is my witness I will try to be there....don't depend on it But if I
just happen to show up someone put a water and sponge in my hands I will
be more than happy to find the nearest horse that needs attention.
Please come out...we need more support for more rides in this area!!!
PRETTY PLEASE WITH PIZZA ON TOP??????? If you can't ride come out and
cheer, sponge, PR, serve food, clap, hold a horse for potty break, what
ever but come up and enjoy the fun..I hear it is a site to behold.
Speaking of beholding.. I got to beholding a telephone to call in figures.
Ahhh Endurance...please wait for me...I may be 85 before I get there but I
will get there.
Susan V and Susan S-A this plug was for you two!
Carla (desperately seeking ride)
Ansata (they have huge mud puddles don't they?)
Haley (any cute studs???)
Rob (no you can't go...I am sorry.. I need you here!)
PS. Maybe if I try to shed some pitty tears he will let me go!

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