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Re: national championship/qualifications

Interestingly enough, here in the west we have enough rides so that some
weekends actually have 2 or 3 rides on the same day.  We simply try to keep
them far enough apart geographically so that there isn't a huge conflict.
As for Camp Far West, the ride IS sanctioned; it's just going to be located
in Nevada instead of California.  The reason for this has nothing to do with
anything other than a government agency deciding that horseback riding in
the area this ride has been using for 17 years is no longer compatible with
hunting, or saving the habitat of some bird or the other.  We have oodles of
rides in the west, but it's an on-going struggle to maintain the right to
ride horses on public lands.  And most of the rides take place, all or part,
on some public land or other.

As for the comment about having too many horses in trouble:  If it appears
this way, it may be because we have so many more horses that are being
ridden in this sport.  There used to be horses "in trouble" and even dying
while on endurance rides, but 1) there were less horses being ridden
endurance back 20-30 years ago, and 2) the statistics were not high profile
back then.  If a horse got sick, or died, it wasn't publicized all over the
country.  We are now trying to educate riders and keep better statistics so
that we know more about horse physiology. All this information is very open
and subject to gossip, opinion, and criticism by anyone who wants to get
into the fray.

I really don't want to get into this east vs. west battle all over again, or
has it ever slowed down since it started?  I've been hearing this for the
better part of the 20+ years I've been on the BOD.  There are challenges
everywhere in this vast country, be it mountains, hills, canyons, weather,
water, whatever.  Do we have to carry on an on-going feud?  Enough!

Barbara McCrary
West region director
Chair-Rules Committee

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> What I said is a lot kinder than what a lot of people have been
> saying.......what does rides disappearing have to do with NC
> qualifications?  Horses get in trouble because people don't know how to
> ride sensibly, probably because they are racing or don't have enough
> experience.  Better to just shuffle it out of the way and not discuss
> it.  Yeah, that's real brilliant.  Grow up Truman.  k
> At 10:27 PM 2/6/02 -0500, you wrote:
> >Karen,
> >
> >Let it go. You have managed to piss off half the US. This is not good for
> >endurance riding. We have rides disappearing in the west, Camp Far West,
> >have other rides in jeopardy. We have too many horses getting in trouble
> >and we
> >don't understand just why yet, and we are arguing overa bunch of crap
> >this.
> >
> >Life is too short and there are too trails going away. We don't have time
> >this crap.
> >
> >Truman
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