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    Re: [RC] Trailer Tie Systems - Karen

    At 06:36 AM 11/22/2002 -0600, Jerry & Susan Milam wrote:
    I am interested in the trailer tie systems and would like opinions about
    them. I want my horse to be comfortable and able to relax as he wishes but
    be safe.

    If you go here:


    The link is the first one at the top in the links section -- "Comparison of the various horse trailer ties". People can leave comments and tell about the product that they already use or somebody shopping can see what others have said and look at the various products on the market and compare.

    I used to use a trailer-tie, but switched over to a hi-tie -- it is much better made, and after having used it for quite a few more nights spent sleeping with the horses I have to say that I absolutely love it. I have to check just to make sure the horses are still there -- it is so QUIET!!!! The horses don't really notice any difference as the tie arms on them are the same length their old trailer ties were (the longest on the market, I believe) -- and they are able to lie down and roll.


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    [RC] Trailer Tie Systems, Jerry & Susan Milam