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    [RC] equine confinement - A. Perez

      I have been following the thread on eletric corrals with 
    interest.  They always seemed like an OK idea to me until I 
    attended my first ride (as crew) at Doncaster this year.  The 
    electric tape corrals just did not inspire confidence on me.  I 
    was surprised to see NO 'hi-tie' rigs, and only one picket 
    line.  I especially appreciate Heidi's input, having treated 
    lotsa of horses at rides, it's an opinion based on lots of 
      I always tie Cy to my truck when I tack him and feed him,
    hoping he'll be used to it if and when we ever get to go to a 
    ride  (still no trailer, grrrrr).  He went through a spell 
    of 'setting back' against the lead, which I cured by running 
    the chain end of his lead shank behind his ears.  Sat back once 
    like that and never has since.
      I would like to hear more about techniques for training 
    horses not to panic when tangled, and how to 'calm down' on 
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