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    Re: [RC] electric fences - Heidi Smith

    It is just as likely a horse will break away from a tie at an endurance ride as they will break out of an electric fence.  I've seen tied horses freak out so badly they ended up kicking the heck out of the trailer they were tied to and injuring themselves to the point they didn't even pass the pre-ride vet check.  In fact, the last horse I saw, who did this recently, ended up needing a vet immediately.
    As to the odds--I'd bet I've seen 20 break out of electric fences for every one that's broken away from a tie.  Or more.  That said, one loose horse in camp likewise does not turn another 20 tied horses loose, but can (and often does) destroy multiple electric pens, turning loose many horses that were minding their own business.  Furthermore, when the tied horse freaks (generally due to lack of training at home) it is only himself that he injures--not someone else's horses.  Big differences....

    Re: [RC] electric fences, Howard Bramhall