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    Re: [RC] Trailer Tie Systems - Truman Prevatt

    The trick of any system is to block the access from other horses. It's normally not your horse that's the prolem, it's other horses that come through. If you horse is tied to the side of the trailer ( trailer tie or just to the trailer). next to a wide open space, a herd or loose horses can come through and cause problems. If you have a corral, pipe (PVC, aluminum or steel) or electric in the open it can be run over by a stampeding herd, same for tie lines.

    You need to block the pathways to your horse when you park. You already have blocks for two directions. By using natural obsticles, ditches, trees, etc., other trilers/trucks you can make cozy enclosure for your horse. You could even get together with a couple of friends and "circle the wagons and put all the critters inside. It will not guarentee nothing will ever happen but no system is going to be completely fool proof. However, there is no system that is going to keep you horse in if it is set up in the open.


    Jerry & Susan Milam wrote:

    Alright you guys... All this talk about electric corrals and all has got me
    thinking about alternatives.

    I've used electric pens since I started this sport and always have set it up
    so my horses respect the fence with plenty of tape attached. My stakes are
    in very poor condition now and will have to either buy new stakes for next
    season or change my system.

    I am interested in the trailer tie systems and would like opinions about
    them. I want my horse to be comfortable and able to relax as he wishes but
    be safe.

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy Tails,

    Susan and Fly Bye

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    [RC] Trailer Tie Systems, Jerry & Susan Milam