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    Re: [RC] electric fences - Linda

        I saw this this spring at the Hallalujah ride (I think that was the
    one).  It wasn't endurance riders, but some field trial people (I believe
    that was what they were doing).   I thought it was an interesting set up.. A
    chain through a rubber hose (pretty big size chain) and they had it attached
    to a swivel piece on a big stake that they pounded down level with the
    ground.   It seemed to be working great for them, but I would say this is
    something you had better train for!
    > I have been reading and reading all this info about
    > "to fence or not to fence"    "to tie or not to tie"
    > and I just had a THOUGHT.   (Strange I know, you could
    > all probably smell the wood burning)  Anyway, in the
    > OLD days, back when I was a kid, we used to teather
    > our horses and ponies with a chain inside a hose,
    > hooked down low so they could eat and move around but
    > not get hurt and not get hung up and no rope burns or
    > anything.  It would be strong but safe (I think, at
    > least ours never got hurt)
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    RE: [RC] electric fences, Vicki Austin