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    Re: [RC] electric fences - FASTGraphic

    In a message dated 11/21/2002 7:34:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
    lanconn@xxxxxxx writes:
    <<  "Let me show you what a 1000 pound, physically fit horse can
     do when suitably inspired."
     Scary...I'm scraped a bunch of them off the ground. >>
    Isn't that the truth!  LOL  Used to board at a facility full of old cowboys.  
    When the Santa Ana winds really got to howling, I'd race out to the ranch to 
    saddle up - and they all thought I was nuts!  LOL  "Yer takin' that mare out 
    in this here wind???"  Yep - sure did.  The spookier, the windier, the 
    rainier, the nastier , the BETTER!  Sure, I love a beautiful ride on a warm, 
    clear, calm day - but both my horse and I LEARN a lot riding on the bad ones. 
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