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    Re: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating) - Sullivan

    The year before last...the pigs had become so bad at Pescadero Creek Park
    (as you know, Swanton ride comes down Old Haul Road), that they were in the
    camp every night, in the pens, eating the horses grain out of their buckets!
    We counted at least 40 (that included two sows and litters).  When asked,
    the rangers claimed they could do nothing until San Mateo Co. Parks and rec.
    did studies....but this last summer (I go every year), something obviously
    had been done as we saw fewer pigs. ....the year before, the mess they left
    right in camp was trememdous ( feces and rooting).
    I was glad to hear they had hired a trapper....and we saw pig traps in the
    actual park.
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    From: "Barbara McCrary" <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx>
    > Now you've started something!  Some misguided soul turned wild pigs loose
    > our area in 1983. >
    > Barbara McCrary
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