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    Re: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating) - Sullivan

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    From: "Linda Cowles" <kadence@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    > Get real? How about this... My neighbors boyfriend came over when I called
    > him this morning and got his two turkeys for the day in my front yard (40
    > acres big) while I watched him stalk them as I was doing dishes. I said a
    > prayer to the powers that encourage such wonderful creatures to thrive
    > as Frank raised his gun and got two nice birds. They died a very clean
    > death, and had a great life.
    Something to ponder, though....these turkeys are not native.   The powers
    be would be Calif. Dept. of Fish and Game, that imported turkeys from Texas
    to provide
    sport hunting in Calif.  The damage they are doing is being documented, and
    there were
    never any scientific studies done to see impact on native plants and
    animals...hence a
    lawsuit from Sierra Club and CNPS to halt the turkey releases until studies
    were done.
    Fish and Game were STILL releasing turkeys up to 2 years ago, with no idea
    or concern.
    Here in Lake Co, they are a definite nuisance, and destroy crops and native
    InN the cast of the turkeys, it was a very bad idea....think feral pigs.
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    RE: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating), Linda Cowles