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    Re: [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain? - Typef

    Can't tell you how many times my Dad looked out the window at our horses standing in the pouring rain after he built them a nice big barn with a breezeway they could stand in. A lot of head shaking and "why in the heck did I waste money?" talk went on.
    As a grownup myself now, I remembered that when we built our barn, but more as a comfort for me in feeding than them, we put up an MD Barn cover attached to the outside of our barn since the horses eat outside. It's quite a large area (24'x48') and two of the current three residents choose to stay under it in the rain, while the Mustang prefers to stay out and get wet. And of course, she's the one I ride all the time, so she is either soaking wet or an added explus plus, covered in mud. But I most definitely like the cover because it means I can walk into the barn, and out under the cover and feed without getting soaked. And instead of dashing back to the barn, I can stand there and watch at the rain pours all around me and my cozy little friends.
    :) Jackie (In Northern California)
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    Well, I live in southern California like a mile off of the beach, and my two boys are in a nice big pasture. I have a great shelter and mats for them,,,, but sadly for me, they perfer the rain. It is cold of course , but they grow coats. I feed them under the shelter but they really like the rain.

    Michelle schifman

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