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    Re: [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain? AND BUNNY! - Bette Lamore

    I have to laugh when I pass Cardiff Stud--- used to be a BIG race training/breeding facility and is now owed by Alex Trebeck (which explains why Jeopardy contestants only win hundreds while Wheel of Fortune contestants win thousands!). Anywho, each shelter (and there are MANY) can accommodate up to ten horses (huge--- made of brick) and the beveled glass that goes in the towers alone costs $20,000!! Each shelter cost $100,000 I am told (cannot even imagine how much each brick barn cost)!
    Anywho, during the WORST rains here I have NEVER even seen ONE horse in any of the shelters--- and we lived just down the road and passed it frequently! This is in central coast CA so when it rains, it is generally mild temps--- but there is wind.
    So far as my own horses, I have a few wusses who LOVE the stalls during rain, but most of mine would rather stand outside in the herd with their butts all facing the same direction. I make the babies come in and my 33 year old gelding, but my thin haired stallions (always looking slick for the ladies) NEVER want to go inside and scream at me when I make them (I guess they feel they are going to miss out on something).
    I agree with whoever said, "barns are for people." My pastures have trees, though, and they can get shelter if they choose--- and a few do.
    I still like to have a few stalls, though for foaling out and sick horses (but my babies go outside within 2 days, as soon as they can visually discern their mammas) as it cuts down on the pneumonia risk, as Heidi pointed out.
    Guess it all depends on weather and your horses' preferences--- but I would make an effort to discover the latter before building an expensive barn or elaborate shelter.
    Bette and Bunny (who was VERY upset when I tried to put him in a stall during the rain--- he's had his fill of barns and wanted to be in the paddock with the tree instead-- go figure! BTW he was in the hilly pasture with my new baby (just weaned) who ran along the ledge of the hill with Bunny in hot pursuit. My heart was in my mouth, thinking, one bad step and he would topple--- what an irony it would be to survive so much and then break his neck after recovery--- BUT he ran just fine until the baby went down the steep part of the hill. Bunny stood there-- half committed-- too far to go back up but scared to go the rest of the way down. While I was running towards him, the baby ran up and down the hill twice to him, as if to say, "Come-on, you can do it!" so before I got to him, he slowly made his way down and was SOOOO PROUD when he got to the bottom! The boy has come a long way!!!!

    Cocomix3@xxxxxxx wrote:
    Well, I live in southern California like a mile off of the beach, and my two boys are in a nice big pasture. I have a great shelter and mats for them,,,, but sadly for me, they perfer the rain. It is cold of course , but they grow coats. I feed them under the shelter but they really like the rain.

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    Re: [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain?, Cocomix3