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    RE: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating) - Linda Cowles

    >>I am definatly not in support of cruel treatment to animals, We have too
    many rescue dogs, cats and horse go through here to be accused of that, but
    I am not overly fond of selective caring either.
    >>P.S. I havn't tried rat yet, but people have accused me of eating anything
    that slows down long enough
    When I was a kid, the locals hunted and ate squirrel all the time. I grew up
    on a tight budget, and had it on more than one occasion. They are
    essentially rats with hairy tails...
    Okay, even if you can stomach the living environment that these animals deal
    with, that's one thing. But geeze, if it keeps *constant* drugs to keep um
    alive, and maybe that's why WE'RE all getting so sickly. Humans always have
    snotty noses, coughs, cancer, heart trouble, virus's... animals rarely get
    sick in comparison.
    So the next time someone in your family is struck by the third flu of the
    year, MS or one of the many auto immune diseases that are becoming more
    common, remember this...
    What you eat is what you are. Garbage in, garbage out.
    Get real? How about this... My neighbors boyfriend came over when I called
    him this morning and got his two turkeys for the day in my front yard (40
    acres big) while I watched him stalk them as I was doing dishes. I said a
    prayer to the powers that encourage such wonderful creatures to thrive here
    as Frank raised his gun and got two nice birds. They died a very clean
    death, and had a great life.
    I chased those birds off almost every day, told them I loved turkey, but
    they didn't listen. Now I have a small hen in the freezer, and will add
    another sometime this week. I do like them cooked or wild... I thanked that
    bird as I finished cleaning her... she's a nice bird.
    So I'm not silly about this stuff. I'm realistic. I'll eat that kind of
    meat... gamey? Yep. Healthy.
     Bon Appetite` - Linda
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    [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating), Roy Drinnan