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    [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating) - Roy Drinnan

    I can't help but passs on acouple of comments.
    I am definatly not in support of cruel treatment to animals, We have too
    many rescue dogs, cats and horse go through here to be accused of that, but
    I am not overly fond of selective caring either.
    I hear comments like, I don't eat food that was raised that way, or He only
    eats free range meats.  How do you know haw the food was raised or where it
    lived.  Do any of these people eat fish.  Most fish is kiled by suffocation,
    having beed removed from the water an dumped into a box.  Lobster is Boiled
    alive.  Look at what we do to bait for line fishing.  Do you think a work
    has a just end on a hook.  If it survives the hook, its eaten, piece by
    When it comes to animails raised for food.  this is what they were born for,
    they weren't captured from the wild and held captive and aslaughtered.
    There is no alternative life style for them, this is the reason they are
    alive.  If the industries are shut down the animals won't exist, hence the
    animals won't exist.  I don't think the industies should be alowed to do
    anything they want, but lets be practical here.
    People seem to be very narrow sighted when it comes to these thing.  A pig
    that lives in a small pen is being treated cruelly.  A horse that regularly
    gets placed in a trailer for hours, get penned or tied in a small area for
    days, gets a person with tact on thier back for 12 - 24 hours and 100 miles,
    this animal is being pampered.  I love endurance riding, or at least
    supporting it since I don't ride.  But if anyone thinks that the horse would
    rather drag your but around the trail that have a wild free life of it own
    is in a dream world.
    My point to all this ramling, is please .... please put things in some kind
    of perspective before we condem people for what they do.
    Be very aware that the people who target seal hunts, pig farmers and PMU
    barns could easily come out after the AERC and our sport.
    Roy Drinnan (who likes his pork and beef at less than $100/lb)
    P.S. I havn't tried rat yet, but people have accused me of eating anything
    that slows down long enough
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