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    [RC] Easy Boots over shoes - Kathy

    HI, it is hunting season here and I'm going to have to ride rocky, hardpacked 
    roads to keep my horse in condition for the Turkey Trot two day ride the end 
    of the month.  I have tried using easy boots over rim shoes before and they 
    just wear out on the bottom after only a couple of training rides.  Has anyone 
    found any solution to this problem other than easy foam?  I thought of using 
    regular pads inside of the boots to make them wear faster.  But wonder it this 
    would make the foot slide around more.  I just wish easy care would make the 
    boots stronger on the bottom and add more of the material there for cushing 
    and wear.  I'd gladly pay more if they would last longer over shoes.  Thanks 
    for any hints and suggestions.  Happy Trails, Kathy CT. Region
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