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    Re: [RC] Rider bulging disc - Jon . Linderman

    I greatly appreciate the fact that Dr Ramsay did not suggest radical
    intervention of some type.  I wish she was in my area to be our physician.
    There was a very large study (thousands) done using x-rays from young
    service inductees.  There were basically an equal number of people w/disk
    abnormalities, such as bulging disks, who had no back pain as individuals
    who did have back pain.  Similarly, there was an equal number of
    individuals w/no apparent disc problems who had back pain as people with no
    disk problems who had no pain.  One interpretation of this very large data
    base was to question cause and effect of apparent abnormalities from x-rays
    and back pain.  My wife, who is WELL shy of 40 had back surgery when she
    was young related to a sports injury.  She regrets the procedure to this
    day and inspite of the fact that her hubby is 12 years her senior and has a
    bout 0.1% of her riding ability I can ride all day pain free.........she
    often cannot.  Proper (and that is very key) strength and conditioning of
    the muscles supporting the back goes a long way to relieving back pain.
    Unfortunately, it is still rare to find competent advice on good
    conditioning work, but simple effective exercises for ones back and
    abdomen, as well as overalll muscular strength can have a huge impact on
    spinal health.  There are a number of sports acceleration programs around
    the country that can be helpful.  I have generally been impressed by there
    multi-faceted approach.  I beleive there address is something to the effect
    of sportsacceleration or sportsaccelerationproducts.  Give it a try.
    Jon K. Linderman, Ph.D., FACSM
    Assistant Professor of Health and Sport Science
    University of Dayton
    300 College Park
    Dayton, OH 45469-1210
    Voice:(937) 229-4207
    FAX: (937) 229-4244
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    Bulging discs are a normal finding in many people after the age of 40,
    sometimes younger.  You didn't give your age.  Most Orthopedic researchers
    will tell you that they are not certain that bulging discs are even the
    casue of the pain that prompted you to have tests done.  Don't worry too
    much.  Make sure you are in good shape physically.  Take your glucosamine,
    a multivitamin with minerals, calcium, and regular exercise.  Watch your
    posture.  long periods of time bent forward are the biggest casue of disc
    problems.  Sit up straight, shoulders back.  Hope that helps.
    Maris Ramsay, Family Physician
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