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    Re: [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells - Truman Prevatt

    I have to tell this story about our cats. We have three at the barn. We also have a little begal cross named Sam. One day the field was cut next to our barn. The first time that summer. There must have been a nest of field rats there. The next morning we found a dead field rat by our barn. That afternoon Sam was sitting in the tack room raising hell. I went in and there was another field rat behind a chest where we keep the blankets. So I drag Sam out and throw a cat in. The cat sit there and looked at the critter, turned around and walked out, looking up at me in disgust on the way out. So I threw Sam back in. He got the rat out, chased it across the yard and disposed of it - as the three cats sit and looked on.

    So much for cats. I guess we just feed them too much:-).


    Tamara Taylor wrote:


    I have a 2 year old male Jack Russell that would put any barn cat to shame. They were bred as rat dogs originally and they have unbelievable prey drive. We don't have rats but we do (or should I say "did") have deer mice in our grain bin. The little Jack would wait at the door in anticipation as he loves to hunt. Not for the weak of heart but very effective for getting rid of the nasty little critters. We haven't had as much luck with cats, traps or poisons. Hope your little JRT solves your rat problem.


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    [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells, Tamara Taylor