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    Re: [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells - Charles

    Check out this website:
    I've always read Maryanne Stroud Gabbani's postings from Cairo, Egypt and
    noticed her email address: maryanne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I'd always wondered about Ratbusters.net in the email address.  I thought it
    was a cute name (ISP's often have interesting names).  Then I went and
    checked it out.  Near as I can tell, it's Jack Russell Rat Services (OK,
    maybe the American Rat Terrier is different from the JRT but they sure look
    the same to my uneducated eye).  All I can say is that I wish I'd thought of
    the idea and done something with it.
    I haven't met anyone offering professional rat catching cat services.
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    > I have to tell this story about our cats. .... So I threw Sam back in. He
    got the rat out,
    > chased it across the yard and disposed of it - as the three cats sit and
    > looked on.
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    [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells, Tamara Taylor
    Re: [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells, Truman Prevatt