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    Re: [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain? - Bob & Amber Roberts

    At 10:29 AM 11/15/2002 -0800, Dabney Finch wrote:
    >I need advice.? We are considering spending a huge amount of money
    >installing pasture shelters (they have to have tile roofs and "match the
    >house" to get approved by the HOA) for our 24/7 outdoor endurance horses.
    >But some people have been telling me not to bother, since in Southern
    >California it doesn't really get that cold and often they don't use them
    >anyway.? What do you think, Ridecampers?
    >--Dabney Finch (7826)

    Barns are for people - it makes us feel better.  We built a nice barn for our horses and they prefer to be outside.  Save your money.

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    [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain?, Dabney Finch