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    Re: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating) - Heidi Smith

    >But geeze, if it keeps *constant* drugs to keep um
    > alive, and maybe that's why WE'RE all getting so sickly. Humans always
    > snotty noses, coughs, cancer, heart trouble, virus's... animals rarely get
    > sick in comparison.
    Considering how strict the standards are for drugs in meat and milk today,
    the concept that these animals "live" on antibiotics is absurd.  Antibiotic
    use was much more prevalent in earlier times, but with the information about
    the problems of residues, the meat and milk industries have had to meet
    carcass and milk standards that are extremely strict.  Comparing husbandry
    practices of today with those of even a couple of decades ago is simply not
    accurate.  Such practices were already being questioned clear back in the
    '70's, when I was in veterinary school.
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    RE: [RC] RE:[RC] Quality of Life (legislating and regulating), Linda Cowles