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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Sullivan

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    Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 8:33 PM
    Subject: Re: [RC] Hunting Season

     > i just don't like idea of people running around the woods with guns and
    > in the best and prettiest time of the year to ride.
    >                                                                     RENE
    I really don't understand this thread at all . Isn't it just common sense to stay out
    of a heavily hunted area during rifle season anyway ? And then to put bells on your
    horse and then ride into an area where hunters are trying to hunt , isn't that asking
    for trouble ?..... Now that we are out of the hunting
    part of the outfitting I stay out of hunting areas during rifle season . Common sense .
    Most hunters have alot of time and money tied up in their hunting vacation , they
    look forward to their hunting as we do our endurance season , why try
    to antagonise someone carrying a gun ?
                                       Drin Becker
    *Drin, here are a couple of thoughts......I think the general public has no idea when hunting seasons are...they go into areas to mountain bike and hike and ride.  At least, in our area, we have a lot of BLM land with trails, that is also open to hunters.  It is not posted at the trail heads when certain hunting seasons are (isn't deer season different from turkey season?).  I think people should be able to continue other sorts of recreation WITHOUT the fear  of being shot!  Seems anyone with out there with a gun, should be held accountable for shooting only "what is in season!, not horses, hikers or bikes."
    My experience in this county with "hunters"has not been good.....we finally, after submitting evidence in the form of photos and measurements, got our board of supervisors to post a county dirt road that was a designated bike trail and horse trail,; to be closed to shooting.  There were folks hauling out trash to shoot at.and leaving it...signs were shot to heck....people were leaving beer cases and bottles....and shooting down blind corners. 
    This very road has a sign posted to SLOW for horses....it also has a sign posted that the road is picked up (trash), by a womens equestrian group.  Today I noticed that that sign was all shot up....my experiences with people that shoot guns, in this county has not been good.  They also, as a group, oppose any added wilderness areas, becuase they are afraid their off-road vehicle access will be restricted. 
    I believe in multi-use trails.  Why should several groups (hikers, bikers, horses, etc) have to vacate an area to accomodate hunters?

    Re: [RC] Hunting Season, Drin Becker