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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Drin Becker

     > i just don't like idea of people running around the woods with guns and
    > in the best and prettiest time of the year to ride.
    >                                                                     RENE
    I really don't understand this thread at all . Isn't it just common sense to stay out
    of a heavily hunted area during rifle season anyway ? And then to put bells on your
    horse and then ride into an area where hunters are trying to hunt , isn't that asking
    for trouble ? We used to outfitt for a living , packing hunters into an area with horses,
    and then leaving them there to hunt for a week or more at a time , not just one
    bunch at a time but many in different areas . My husband and I both led packstrings
    all through hunting season visiting with hunters along the trail as we were coming or
    going , never even had someone come close to shooting at me or close by .We wore
    orange of course but nothing on the horses ever . Now that we are out of the hunting
    part of the outfitting I stay out of hunting areas during rifle season . Common sense .
    Most hunters have alot of time and money tied up in their hunting vacation , they
    look forward to their hunting as we do our endurance season , why try
    to antagonise someone carrying a gun ?
                                       Drin Becker