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    Re: [RC] Do Pastured Horses Come In Out of the Rain? AND BUNNY! - Rides 2 Far

    .>>  I do put them in their stalls so that they can eat separately.  The
    rest of the time, they graze the pastures and run free.  That is why I
    determined that barns make people feel better.  
    I thought we were talking sheds, not stalls.  If I lock Kaboot in a stall
    for a day, he'll avoid the whole area of the barn for days if I'm around.
    He loves his shed, but hates to have his option to leave taken away. 
    I never leave the doors to a stall open for fear the horse that's low on
    the pecking order will get cornered in there. There's a small barn down
    the road from me that had 3 horses in the field and 3 stalls with the
    doors open...but there was only one horse who *ever* got in a stall. The
    other two *apparently* preferred to stay out in the weather. Then the
    dominent horse and one of the "outside"  horses were taken away.  With
    only one horse left in the field, the horse who had apparently preferred
    to be wet before suddenly started using the stall. Less dominent horses
    with any sense of self preservation will not enter the stall for fear of
    being cornered...the ones with less sense will have a lot of scraped hips
    from having to dive out doors under fire.  I've had a lot of horses come
    and go here and none who wouldn't use the shed at every opportunity *if*
    the pecking order allowed them to.
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