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    Re: Fwd: [RC] WNV Vaccine vs anti mosquito efforts - Kelly Spencer

    Last time I checked the price here in TX a few months ago it was $20 a dose. YIKES looks like demand has priced it higher.  For those of us without the megabucks we much keep horses healthy and use mosquito repellents-ie bug lights, lotions, etc and try to be lucky. I wonder what effect it is having on horse get togethers?  BTW the propane set up for catching mosquitoes has been effective and a smaller version is at Sams for about $150.  We all need so luck on this one.  Mary Ann & Kelly
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    My question is when will it become available for us to give to our
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    ranch   Worming is enough of a challange on my pocketbook!

    I had my vet give the first shot cause he was there $22.00 and he left the second shot for me to give.....$18.00......There is no reason it can't be sold  by the vets, if they want to....mb

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