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    Re: [RC] PULL CODES - DVeritas

    In a message dated 11/10/02 9:25:35 AM Mountain Standard Time, steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    And knowing that your peers will see in the ride results that your horse was pulled and listed as L, or M, is not a cheerful thought.

            If this is a problem, and it is preventing the proper application of a system whose intent it is to benefit the horse, why list the Pulls, Withdrawals, Screwups, or whatever, PUBLICLY.  Just go back to listing DNF...and let those who care wonder why so and so didn't finish the ride.
            Why not have them available at the AERC office for use by the Vet Committee?  Why does every Tom, Dick and Harry or Tammy, Delilah, and Harriet have to read them in the EN?