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    [RC] Fla Test ride/Clinic - Cowgirgoof

    Hi All,
    Florida Horsemen's Association is hosting a 30 mile test ride/ trail clinic on Jan 10-11th at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont. FHA is primarily a CTR association, and this ride is intended to prepare riders/horses for the up-coming 3-day CTR 100 in March 2003. This goes hand in hand with Maggie Price's article in the December issue of EN about 3-day 100's being perfect for preparing for one-day 100's. We are pleased to announce that our guest speakers/riders are Valerie Kanavy and Steve & Dinah Rojek. All of these USET riders cut their teeth on 3-day CTR 100's, and the Rojek's continue to enter all six east coast 100's.
    We will have an informal chat session around the campfire on Friday evening then ride out together for a 30 mile training ride Saturday morning. This will be your chance to ride alongside the pros and "pick their brains". We are looping back into camp for a mock vet check after 15 miles, then will head out again to finish. When we return from the ride, Dr. Michael Porter (southeast region endurance vet and resident of U of Fla vet school), will be on hand to evaluate horses for their fitness to complete a 100.
    This ride is limited to 45 horses so that everyone can recieve some one-on-one attention if desired. It is geared for the serious distance rider who's horse is ready to go on to 50's or 100's. You must be prepared to ride a 6-7 mph pace.
    Please visit our website for more info and to download an entry blank.  www.distanceriding.com  click on rides/clinics then click entry forms.
    Hope to see you all there.
    Becky Siler
    President- FHA
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