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    Re: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES - DVeritas

    In a message dated 11/10/02 7:44:20 AM Mountain Standard Time, lanconn@xxxxxxx writes:

    Give them
    something to justify their participation...horse welfare is a powerful
    tool, and I hope a primary motivator to all of us.

            I couldn't agree more...if the collection and "analyses" involved with Pull Codes is about "horse welfare" then we have to ensure its proper:
               1.  Reporting
                    a.  Ride vet, ride manager and rider input and cooperation here is integral
               2.  Collection by the organization
               3.  Categorizing by the Vet Committee, gleaning for relevant trends by
                    a.  Region
                    b.  Rides
                    c.  Speed/Terrain at an event and its resulting completion rate/pull rate
               4.  Provide the information to AERC vets, ride managers and riders
               5.  Determine whether this particular evolution results in better care of horses and management at rides of those horses.  (And, if it isn't, then adjustment and adapting it until it does.)
          Or, if it is not about horse welfare, then I'd say the present system is working quite well.
           If it is about horse welfare (and not CYA), and it is not working, I'd think that present in our organization there are people who can come up with a system that would work.
          If, as Bob and Heidi have correctly said, the problem is just getting the information timely and correct...well, I'd think we'd be able to fix that problem, too.
        Just providing a list of percentages, IMO, doesn't do anything to promote horse welfare.
        I still believe that we, (as riders who choose FOR the horse which rides, which speeds, how often and how come), should be a bit more "accountable" to the horse and the AERC (read, "each other") for what we like to call "our sport" and the manner in which we pursue our individual goals, taking the horse along for the RIDE.