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    Re: [RC] National IAHA Championship on TV - Carolyn Loedeman

    Dear All,
    I just got onto the computer for the weekend; and saw these posts.,   I WAS at the finish line and greeted each horse as I was the IAHA steward for the Fort Howes ride and let me tell you, that Heather's horse Red is an awsome creature and was not overridden, he looked great coming accross the finish line as so did the other top ten finishers,  She just had more horse and her stategy won out!!   As I waited till the wee hours of the night for the rest of my horses (I do not leave till I know where all of my charges for the day are in and accounted for) some of those looked more tired than the ones that finished faster.  And It comes down to how well are they conditioned for that distance, course, weather, footing, rider awareness and luck!!  And can remember one ride that I was in, everything just seemed to click, and for a 50 mile ride we came into the finish line in 3rd place with a time of 3:18, the winners were 4 min. in front of me and as we did not race in we were able to come down faster and had a great vet score and ended up with BC also.  So don't feel that these riders are cruel or idiotic till you have been there and seen it, check with the people that were there before jumping to conclusions!!
    Thank you and hope to see you down the trail!
    Carolyn Loedeman AERC #5555
    5000+ miles of endurance and CTR
    IAHA steward 5 years out of the last 6 national Ch.
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    I didn't actually see them cross the finish line, but I did personally sit and watch them do their completion checks and their BC checks.
    I believe the poster was looking at a film that was aired--who knows how the film was edited.
    I do agree that on the whole, they were more tired than I would like to see, and that's one reason why I personally dislike having so much riding on any one ride.  That said, I will stand by my statements that winning times in that ballpark are neither "profoundly idiotic" nor "cruel" provided the horses are ridden to the weather, the terrain, and to their level of fitness.
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    if the horses had come over the finish line with any appearance of having something left in the tank, that would be one thing - but from the original poster, they weren't. Either she misjudged what she saw or the horses were ridden poorly. Has to be one or the other.