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    Re: [RC] PULL CODES - DVeritas

    In a message dated 11/10/02 9:25:35 AM Mountain Standard Time, steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    L or M simply does not always apply -  For statistical purposes it would be much more meaningful if L always meant the same thing "the horse was eliminated due to a grade III lameness".   Or M always meant 'the horse was eliminated do to metabolic dysfunction'. If we include anything less than the this, and include times when the rider thought the horse 'didn't feel right' or even include times when the rider thought 'if I continue, my horse really will be lame' then we are diluting the statistics and they become less meaningful. 

         How will those statistics be used, effectively (I mean).  I agree that a "simple" L or M doesn't tell you the cause and effect.  Should it?