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    [RC] Re:IAHA Ride - Drin Becker

    This is what Susan saw on tv
    "I just finished watching the IAHA Championship and can't for the life of me
    figure out what Sandy was complaining about with the "exhausted horses". Red
    and Heather came trotting in across the finish line at a nice extended trot
    with his head nice and low. He certainily didn't look exhausted. They showed
    clips of the last 10 mile loop where Valerie was allowing her horse to walk
    and she was squeezing Shadon ever so slightly as he walked along, not
    kicking him. Lois McAffee was hand walking her gelding up a long climb and
    the 2nd place finisher Catch a Wave with Cia at the helm hand galloped
    across the finish line. So much for exhaustion. Val came finished at a nice
    easy trot on Shadon. Sorry, Sandy that you had to explain to your friends
    about this 100 mile race. They just live in a different world."
    This is what I saw on TV  , I saw Red coming up the hill looking  tired , but
    then again he was just finishing a fast 100 miler . I saw Valerie kicking an exhausted
    horse up the hill with every step that he took , that is what I saw . To me anytime you
     are lifting on the reins and kicking with every step and not getting a response
    that to me is an exhausted horse . And I saw Cia  on Catch a Wave looking
    as I want my horse to look like finishing a 100 miler . What a nice team they make.
    Fort Howes is a great ride to go to but it is not a hard ride , at least not for the
    Mtn/NW region area .Susan is not going to convince me that Valerie's horse
    didn't look exhausted and I am not going to convince her that I thought it did .
    3 different views watching the same thing .
                                   Drin Becker
                                   Mtn Region