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Re: RC: Re: SUVs - IMO

yeah, I guess I should not have put the Explorer in
there.  I was just going by SUVs built on truck
chassis.  I'm a pick-up man personally, so you
probably won't see me pulling my horses with an SUV. 
Besides, my dogs ride better in the bed with a cap
than they would an SUV;)


--- Deanna German <>
> >Tim says:
> >Most SUVs are nothing morethan trucks with a
> different body.
> >Take the Fords for instance, Expedition=F150,
> Excursion=F250, and I
> >believe Explorer=Ranger.  Chevy I'm sure is the
> same
> >way.  Jeep GC's are nice with the V8, but
> personally I
> >like more room and a longer wheelbase.  .....  But
> the more
> >popular American made models from Ford and Chevy
> would
> >definitely do the job since they are "truck based"
> >SUVs.
> I wouldn't pull any trailer (even a Brenderup) with
> an Explorer!! No way, no
> how.... Not big enough engine, not heavy duty enough
> components. A Ranger?
> Do you realize how puny the engines are in a Ranger?
> You're right, the Expedition and Excursion are
> suburban abominations.... oh,
> excuse me, wrong tangent.... they are SUV's on the
> truck chassis and
> generally have the same tow packages, engines and
> drive train options as the
> truck series.
> BUT....
> I just don't understand why anyone would buy an SUV
> for hauling and towing
> when trucks now come with extended cabs and rear
> seats.
> Deanna
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