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Re: Biotin shortage?

Hi Beth!  Someone wrote me privately and told me that, believe it or not, 
there is only one primary manufacturer of biotin (apparently every product 
that contains biotin gets it from this manufacturer) and there was a fire or 
something at their plant last fall.  This created a shortage and the old law 
of supply and demand kicking in . . .

Trish & darling, dancing David 
Grand Blanc, Michigan

In a message dated 01/18/2002 1:24:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< When placing my order for B-15 with Jeffers, found out the $15 item had
 increased to (i think) $60?!  Now I understand why....cancelled that item.
 Where is the B 15 derived from?  What source, animal or vegetable?  Drag out
 the nutrition manuals:)
 Beth Gunn >>

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