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Re: Biotin shortage?

When placing my order for B-15 with Jeffers, found out the $15 item had
increased to (i think) $60?!  Now I understand why....cancelled that item.
Where is the B 15 derived from?  What source, animal or vegetable?  Drag out
the nutrition manuals:)
Beth Gunn
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Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 4:21 AM
Subject: RC: Biotin shortage?

> Went to order some more Biotin-plus and noticed in one of my catalogs
> Vet Supply) an asterisk by all the biotin products, with a footnote saying
> that due to a severe biotin shortage anyone interested in these products
> should call for a quote on prices.  Uh oh, that didn't sound good.  (I
> it doesn't matter to some people, but to me it's always seemed like if I
> to ask the price, I can't afford it!).
>     Then my American Livestock Supply catalog came, and no asterisk by the
> biotin products.  Oh good.  Valley Vet must be confused or something.
> to order my Biotin-plus and American Livestock told me that that product
> on backorder.  So I asked how long of a delay in getting it did they
> Lady on the phone fiddled on her computer a bit, and then said there was
> way to know . . . there was a shortage of this product!  Well, I ordered
> anyway and told them to ship when they had it, but has anyone else heard
> this biotin shortage?  Why would there be a biotin shortage?  That seems
> strange.
> biotin-less in Great White
> Trish
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