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Re: Biotin shortage?

This is true, it has been  in short supply for more than 6 months.  I work
for a vitamin/mineral premix co and we have been rationing it for a long
time.  I don't know the  actual reason, but there isn't enough being
produced, which is also leading to higher prices.  Ballpark increase of 40%
in the last 1/2 year.
If I were you I would just shop around, different suppliers will have stock
at different times, depending on when they have received their pure biotin.
We have an excellent relationship with our Biotin supplier (mfg) and so far
we have not been 'out' just cautious.
Good luck.
Sarah McIntosh & Saffy (75 miles) & Tawny (no miles)
Abbotsford, BC
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> Went to order some more Biotin-plus and noticed in one of my catalogs
> Vet Supply) an asterisk by all the biotin products, with a footnote saying
> that due to a severe biotin shortage anyone interested in these products
> should call for a quote on prices.  Uh oh, that didn't sound good.  (I
> it doesn't matter to some people, but to me it's always seemed like if I
> to ask the price, I can't afford it!).
>     Then my American Livestock Supply catalog came, and no asterisk by the
> biotin products.  Oh good.  Valley Vet must be confused or something.
> to order my Biotin-plus and American Livestock told me that that product
> on backorder.  So I asked how long of a delay in getting it did they
> Lady on the phone fiddled on her computer a bit, and then said there was
> way to know . . . there was a shortage of this product!  Well, I ordered
> anyway and told them to ship when they had it, but has anyone else heard
> this biotin shortage?  Why would there be a biotin shortage?  That seems
> strange.
> biotin-less in Great White
> Trish
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