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Re: [PNER] Trail Rides

This question hasn't come up before.  I think we may talk about it some
before we try it.   Might do it this year if someone wants to do it.  Would
likely mean two entry blanks, two fees,  limited to designated routes and
time constraints.
Coments from othe ride managers??  Let's discuss this.

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> I don't care if people choose to ride the trail ride twice BUT I do have a
> cut-off time for leaving in the afternoon and I need to know they are
> out again.  This is so I can go find them if they don't come back.  It's
> also why I have a specific loop for the trail riders and don't want them
> wandering off on any old loop that looks appealing.
> Dot, could someone ride the trail ride twice in a day if they wanted
> to?
>   Once in the morning, once in the afternoon maybe?
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