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Re: Re: SUVs - IMO

> BUT....
> I just don't understand why anyone would buy an SUV for hauling and
> when trucks now come with extended cabs and rear seats.
> Deanna


I haul a 2 horse Sundowner Bumper Pull with my Surburban and prefer it over
a truck for a few reasons.  My husband and I can sleep in the back at a
ride and still have access to the front seat and the gear we have there
without getting out.  When I am not using it as a "truck" but rather as a
passenger vehicle, I think it gives the passengers a more pleasant
environment, with better legroom.  Plus, they can reach into the back to
get anything rather than having to get out and go into the bed of the
truck.  It has proven to be a very versatile vehicle for my needs, has
hauled hay, swim teams, and kids and all their gear to college and will
serve me well, I believe, until I win the lottery and buy the luxurious
three horse trailer with living quarters and the powerful truck to pull it.


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