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ez boots year long

Still new to endurance rding coming from a background in cross country
bike racing & now married to a horse fanatic wife.  I am starting my
second year of CTR & LD w/my 1/2 arab 1/2 saddlebred NSH.  He has
saddlebred front hooves and arab rear hooves in terms of shape, both sets
strong & ar bullet proof.  Working hard to get more heel under him in
front, but have problems with egg bar, heels, and other shoe designs,
since he loses shoes in the mud.  This winter I am using ez boots since
pulling his shoes. I am looking for opinions on keeping him unshod
throughout the year & "booting" him for trail rides, training, competing.
Go easy on me I did not grow up with horses & am still learning, but
thanks for your input, I am an avid learner.

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