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Re: RC: ez boots year long

At 10:35 AM 01/18/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>This winter I am using ez boots since
>pulling his shoes. I am looking for opinions on keeping him unshod
>throughout the year & "booting" him for trail rides, training, competing.
>Go easy on me I did not grow up with horses & am still learning, but
>thanks for your input, I am an avid learner.

Hi Jon:  From this page, you can click on the easyboot pages that I have up:

...and read more about adjusting the boots to fit your horse.  I have done 
a lot of riding with barefoot horses and easyboots.  It can take some 
effort to get them fitted, but once you do it's really easy.  If your 
horses don't have enough heel or the bulbs are soft this time of year 
considering using vetwrap or a sponge.  Good Luck, Karen

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