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Re: SUVs - IMO

>Tim says:
>Most SUVs are nothing morethan trucks with a different body.
>Take the Fords for instance, Expedition=F150, Excursion=F250, and I
>believe Explorer=Ranger.  Chevy I'm sure is the same
>way.  Jeep GC's are nice with the V8, but personally I
>like more room and a longer wheelbase.  .....  But the more
>popular American made models from Ford and Chevy would
>definitely do the job since they are "truck based"

I wouldn't pull any trailer (even a Brenderup) with an Explorer!! No way, no
how.... Not big enough engine, not heavy duty enough components. A Ranger?
Do you realize how puny the engines are in a Ranger?

You're right, the Expedition and Excursion are suburban abominations.... oh,
excuse me, wrong tangent.... they are SUV's on the truck chassis and
generally have the same tow packages, engines and drive train options as the
truck series.


I just don't understand why anyone would buy an SUV for hauling and towing
when trucks now come with extended cabs and rear seats.


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