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Re: kimberwicks

One of my mares has a very low roof of her mouth. I used all sorts of jointed snaffles on her, even one of the sterling silver three link, but when I changed to a low port kimberwicke she relaxed completely. For her it's more comfortable and I almost never touch the reins. Fact is, if she decides that she's REALLY gonna run, I could have barbed wire in her mouth and it wouldn't make a hair of a difference. But she doesn't do that any more.  I think she was running away from the banging of the bit on the top of her mouth.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt



 So am I correct in thinking that a low port KW would 'feel' similar to the horse as a low port grazing bit, leverage aside?  It would seem to me that the KW would be milder (which is what I am looking for), plus be better for lateral cues.  What'cha think?

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