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Re: RC: Stopping horses

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy - Read the post more carefully....for a "normal"
stop, yes...but not for a "coast to a stop". Whole different concept,
entirely different response expected, unique to what I want him to
do....and he recognizes BOTH cues. 

Heh, Heh, Heh....Besides, first you gotta HAVE a butt! <grin>  I read
this and got a visual image of you doing a reiner's sliding stop at the
end of a race to the finish, pivoting and charging back to the finish
line with another sliding stop to a cheering crowd!
offense...just couldn't help it...

ROFL...40 Lashes with Dental Floss! I'm having too much fun...Can't take
anymore...I'm off to the SERA Convention. I'll work on teaching Sunny
the correct way to stop next week. :)

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

> Kathy Mayeda wrote:
> Jim, Jim, Jim – you are so busy giving advice that you don’t listen to
> what others have to say……  use your BUTT!  That’s how reiners get
> their sliding stops…
> k.
 A gentle rein pressure and a soft
> """whoaaaaaa, Boy, Whoaaaaa, Boy"" is all he needs...and he knows the
> difference between THAT kind of "coast to a stop" and a regular stop.
> You can actually PRACTICE that kind of stop from a full gallop in
> training.

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