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    RE: [RC] kids/ distorted ideas - Rebecca Hackworth

    Well, the baby I raised I did the first 2 years of LSD on him, then
    passed him off to my Heather.....this is now Heather's last year as a
    Jr.  She and Marc are doing very well.  Of course I am stuck starting
    yet another horse.  Not sure we will ever have 2TOP competition
    horse.  But it will be fun.  Oh Yeah....next year Marc's baby brother
    will turn 4....so once again it will be Mom and the weight dicipline
    LSD patrol.  At least Heather won't have to ride with me....she will
    be kicking my butt!
    At least I know how she got there....and there is nothing like the
    smile on her face at the end of a good ride!
    At Mariposa last week, she and Marc finished with Blaze and I in
    about 11 hours....But the vets just said what great shape the horses
    were in, how good they looked, well hydrated, good gut sounds....Marc
    would not stop eating....etc....
    Heather bubbled and gushed about how much she loves that horse all
    the way home......Mom was smiling pretty big too!
    Happy Trails everyone....
    Becky Hackworth
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