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    [RC] Feed question - Lysane Cree


    I would like to know if anyone can tell me whether the following feed content sounds like a good combo for a distance horse? It is made by Purina and it is called "3583 Hi-Fat Hi-Fibre (Chunk)" 

    This is the guaranteed analysis on the label:

    Crude Protein   min. 13.0%; Crude Fat  min. 6.0%;   Crude Fiber   max. 25.0%;  

    Sodium (Na)   actual   0.2%;   Calcium (Ca)  actual  0.65%;  

    Phosphorous (P)  actual 0.4%;  Vitamin A   min.  6,500 I.U./kg;  

    Vitamin D3   min.  1,200 I.U./kg;    Vitamin E   min.   220 I.U./kg

    It is said to be for performance horses, show horses, breeding horses and yearlings. I was told that it was a good alternative to grain because "it doesn't make the horses so hot." So I am wondering if it could be a good feed for a ctr/endurance horse in the same "way" as beet pulp. I am thinking of contacting the manufacturer to find out exactly what is the source/ingredient which gives rise to the protein, fat and fibre content, but I was wondering if anyone had any initial comments, suggestions, etc.  Thanks,



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