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    [RC] kids/ distorted ideas - Rides 2 Far

    > Does anyone else wonder about the distorted ideas our children get >
    from those > of us who like to distance ride?  She shouted, "What's >
    wrong???"  > she was worried because we were back so fast. 
    I could write a book on this. >g< I remember Josie pointing at flagging
    by the highway when she was three telling a friend, "That's where my mom
    comes out of the woods".  Now that she's riding with me a lot she
    occasionally mentions something that sheds light on your topic.  Like, we
    were driving along the valley and she said, "I used to think that the
    mountain was flat."  I said, "What?" (our mountains *are* sort of
    Plateaus) She said, I would look at the mountain and I didn't know it had
    a back or a top and I thought you rode along the tree tops when you said
    you were riding on top of the mountain". >g< I used to come home and tell
    them "I rode through a cloud this morning".  She had all sorts of mental
    images for that one.  I think she was a little disappointed at first the
    first time she did it, but then thought it was really cool. 
    I remember one Saturday morning when I got up late and walked through the
    living room where the two little girls were sitting in pajamas watching
    cartoons and they looked up, almost alarmed, and said, "What are YOU
    doing here?"
    This week I've been sorting and boxing up all their old keepsakes and
    there are STACKS of drawings Josie did starting at age 4, each labeled,
    "Me beating mom in an endurance race"  In the picture she always has a
    big smile on her face as her horse is galloping a length or two ahead of
    mine (of course I have a frown).  I thought back on that last fall at
    Hahira when we cantered in with me thinking we were going to tie for 5th
    at Hahira.  Right as we got to the finish line she pulled her horse up so
    that she got 6th.  Funny that once she had the chance that wasn't what
    she wanted any more.
    It really is fun when they finally get to come along with you after
    waiting so many years, but I highly recommend you trade her for "her" 3
    year old and get her in line for somebody's retired horse.  We raised one
    for Josie too, and he's still out in the field. He hasn't done a ride and
    I don't trust him for her to be the one to break him in for a situation
    like a ride.  By the way, now she's begging to do her first 100 and has
    her goal set to be in the Pan Ams. She's inspired by Heather winning the
    Pan Ams while so young and watches the video over and over. (hint,
    mom...better enjoy *your* goals while you're allowed to give them
    Angie (loving every minute of it)
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