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    [RC] distorted ideas - RhndLev

    Does anyone else wonder about the distorted ideas our children get from those 
    of us who like to distance ride?  I just came back from a three mile, very 
    slow ride on a three year old filly I'm starting under saddle.  We were gone 
    about an hour.  My five year old daughter, Zandra, came running out as we 
    rode in the gate (the filly belongs to her).  She shouted, "What's wrong???"  
    I told her there was nothing wrong and asked why she was worried.  She said 
    she was worried because we were back so fast.  I told her we went three miles 
    and she said, "Is that all? You promised to get Maxi ready for me to do 
    endurance!"  So we had a discussion about starting young horses slowly, etc, 
    but all the while I was thinking about how different my daughter's idea of a 
    short ride was than that of most horse people.  Zandra went on a ride with a 
    friend and me and we went about two miles with her.  As we were heading back, 
    she said, "We're going back?  That's IT?  That's all the ride I get?"  I 
    tried to tell her that some people just ride their horses around in an arena 
    for a while, but I don't think she believed me.  LOL.
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