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    [RC] kids/ distorted ideas - Rides 2 Far

    > Well, the baby I raised I did the first 2 years of LSD on him, then>
    passed him off to my Heather.....this is now Heather's last year as > a>
    Jr.  She and Marc are doing very well. 
    That's great, I was just talking about the dilemma of a mom with a little
    bitty kid who is begging to get on the trail *soon*!  Here in the SE we
    have a rule that a Jr. has to be at least 8 years old.  That gave me a
    few extra years breathing room but then she turned 8 and I still didn't
    have anything I trusted for her to get out in that mess at a start on. 
    She was 10 before I felt comfortable with the horse we had and with her
    ability to go out and do a ride.  She did start with 50's, but I don't
    think we could have done a 25 any sooner since we just didn't have a
    horse I trusted.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Ben for
    allowing this kid to get on the trail after her wanting to so bad for so
    long....*but* she does look forward to when she gets to start *her* horse
    and fantasizes about what he'll be like. Hopefully by the time she's your
    daughter's age she'll have one.
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