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    Re: [RC] [RC] doing your own hoof trimming - Maggie Mieske

    Where may I obtain the written data from these studies?  I would be
    interested in seeing it.  I cannot begin to imagine how they were able to
    document the trimming and shoeing histories of 4000 hooves that probably
    came from a slaughter house.  Furthermore if they did probably come from
    such a place, they may very well have had horrible feet (hence their
    presence at said place) but I do not believe they are representative of the
    majority of horses who enjoy very healthy and useful lives wearing shoes
    during a part of it.
    I agree that "most" farrier schools do NOT turn out talented professionals.
    I prefer to see long term apprenticeships under competent and talented
    farriers myself.  I do have some problems with trimming as you described
    however and would caution people against doing their own horses' feet.
    Especially performance horses such as we have in endurance.  There is just
    no substitute for experience and the average horse owner is never going to
    have the benefit of studying 4000 hooves, dissected or alive.
    Rob also stated..."I'd advise you to leave the task to someone that has the
    mettle to handle it."  I am not certain if that statement was directed to me
    or Ridecampers in general...but I do believe that I DID say I am NOT capable
    and would never attempt to trim my own horses' feet in spite of the
    "education" I have received at my husband's side.  I have helped a lot of
    people by sharing Nelson's and my experience with hoof problems and related
    issues on RC and I hope they are listening now.  Do NOT risk trimming your
    own horse's feet and for God's sake, if they need shoes, then have your
    farrier put them on!  Every horse is an individual... keep that in mind.  Do
    what is best for your horse.
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